I've been going to anime and fantasy/sci-fi conventions since 2007. Photography is my hobby, and cosplayers are my favorite subject. :-)

Photos & Videos

I'm mostly on Instagram, but you can also visit my Facebook or Flickr pages to see my photos and be notified when they are posted.
My brother makes some awesome videos. Check out his YouTube channel below.


It takes time to develop my photos, but if you don't see yours please contact me and I will try to get it up more quickly.
All photos are available in full-resolution versions, for free. Visit my Flickr page to download them, or contact me for originals.
I will do a scheduled photoshoot if I have time, just contact me!

  • Instagram @paulorussaphoto
  • Facebook @paulorussaphotography
  • Email paul@orussa.com


Coming Up
Kumoricon Oct 2018 Portland, OR
Katsucon Feb 2019 National Harbor, MD
Anime Expo Jul 2015 Los Angeles, CA
Anime Oasis May 2018 Boise, ID
Anime Revolution Aug 2015 Vancouver, BC
DragonCon Sep 2015-16, 2018 Atlanta, GA
Emerald City Comicon Apr 2009 Seattle, WA
Kumoricon Sep/Oct 2007-13, 2016-17 Portland, OR
KuroNekoCon Aug 2014, 2016-17 Spokane, WA
Lilac City Comicon May 2014-15 Spokane, WA
Northwest Fanfest Jun 2014 Vancouver, BC
PAX Prime Aug 2014 Seattle, WA
Sakura-Con Apr 2011-18 Seattle, WA
SpoCon Aug 2014 Spokane, WA
Spokane Renaissance Faire Oct 2012, 2015-16 Spokane, WA